From Write-Way Newsletter September 2012; Vol. 30, No. 9

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On September 23, 2012, Write-Way completed 30 years of serving prisoners in the Lord’s harvest. What started at the Nichol’s kitchen table soon moved to the “attic” of Garland Bible Chapel for 19 years. In April, 2002, Write-Way occupied its new headquarters building with much joy. Our student body is now at 7,300 inmates, and the journey has been both challenging and very satisfying. We hope you enjoy the colorful photos of our joy in this work.

Early on Mr. Nichols set the pace for Write-Way – hectic! He was thorough and respectful toward our students. Our courses have a colorful handsome design, our form letters are encouraging, and most importantly, our counselors and staff are compassionate and prayerful. All efforts are engaged in the liberating atmosphere of New Testament grace so that the Holy Spirit has a wide berth to labor in these wayward souls.

In addition, we are most grateful for the great arena of faithful supporters who, by the Holy Spirit, have an eye for “the least of these” and empathy that “there, but for the grace of God, go I.” They pray and they give. And they are powerful evidence that this work is on the heart of our Heavenly Father who longs for prodigals to come home.

I challenge you, your church, and your local prison/jail/parish chaplain to consider the impact of this ministry. At the present time we are reaching less than 3.7% of the prison population of Texas and Louisiana. What gifts and talents can you bring to the table to further this significant and effective work in these last days?

By His abundant Grace (Romans 5:17),

Rodger Turley, Director


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