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Serving the Gospel and prison discipleship since 1982

WRITE-WAY PRISON MINISTRIES INC. (WPM) is a non-profit corporation established to provide Bible correspondence courses free to prisoners in Texas and Louisiana. In 1982 Mr. Ralph Nichols was appointed Penal Coordinator for the state of Texas by Emmaus Bible Correspondence School in order to provide this service to prisoners.

When Write-Way began in 1982, about fifty inmates were served in less than ten institutions. During 2018 more than 7,000 active students were served in more than 316 institutions.

Write-Way exists to disseminate and teach the Word of God in the form of correspondence courses without cost to the incarcerated in Texas and Louisiana. The Write-Way home office is located in Garland, Texas. 

Thirty-four Branches in Texas and Louisiana assist the home office. Branch managers serve as a liason to the home office and lead church members in grading and commenting exams to counsel the students. The counseling aspect contributes immensely toward rehabilitating inmates and making them disciples of Christ.

Prisoners enroll by filling out and returning an Enrollment Card obtained from an active student, a chaplain, or a visiting minister, or by mailing a written request directly to Write-Way.

The CURRICULUM is composed of sixty Bible-based study courses published by Emmaus Bible Correspondence School and Nav Press in either English or Spanish. The gospel message of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection is presented in the first four books sent. The discipleship and Bible study books follow. A certificate is given for completion of each course.

The Inmate’s progress through this Bible self-study program depends upon commitment and applied diligence in order to complete the courses. Inmates may opt to continue these courses in the free world at no cost.

VOLUNTEERS are needed to help in all aspects of the ministry: graders, commentators (or counselors), secretaries, office clerks, financial supporters, prayer warriors, and many others. Many volunteers report that they receive much blessing from their interaction with the students as they grade and counsel. All Write-Way volunteers must adhere to the Biblical doctrines set forth in the STATEMENT OF FAITH.

FUNDS come in as the Lord leads in the hearts of individuals, through groups such as churches, local charities and organizational grants.

Write-Way Prison Ministries, Inc. is a non- profit organization exempt under Code 501(c)(3). ID No. 75-1848459.

Shown above are some of the introductory books from the Emmaus curriculum used by Write-Way Prison Ministries. These self-paced study courses have proven to be the most effective way to present Biblical truths to others. Advanced studies include most books of the new testament and many from the old testament of the Bible.  Navigator workbooks are also sent to help students grow as disciples of Christ.

The curriculum from Emmaus Worldwide is currently being used by local churches and missions in 84 languages to over 100 countries as well as prison ministires like Write-Way.  

The video below from Emmaus provides a good introduction to the impact these courses are having on the lives of inmates across the country.

ECS Video Testimonials

These vivid testimonials illustrate the heart of Christ working in the lives of prisoners and those at ECS carrying the Word of God into prisons

The History of Write-Way

Filmed in 2007, founder Ralph M. Nichols narrates the history of Write-Way, starting in 1982.


In Loving Memory

Ralph M. Nichols
founder of Write-Way Prison Ministries in 1982


Write-Way Prison Ministries, Inc.
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Garland, TX 75046


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