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October 2014 WPM Newsletter

We are all familiar with the parable of the prodigal son as recorded in Luke 15.  In this newsletter you can read of the financial cost involved in sending our Bible study courses free of charge to the prodigal sons and daughters incarcerated in Texas and Louisiana.  But don’t stop there!  Read on to see the difference God’s Word has made in many of their lives.  Click the link below.

October 2014 WPM Newsletter

History of WPM

The video below is a wonderful journey down memory lane!

Filmed in 2007, founder Ralph M. Nichols narrates the history of WriteWay PM, starting at his and Dot’s kitchen table in 1982!  Remember the A B Dick Press?  Write Way is grateful for the many volunteers and partners we’ve been blessed with throughout the years.   Some of them are pictured in this video.